What we missed!

Our recent episode on classic Third Doctor story The Daemons was a lot of fun if we say so ourselves, but we did miss out one really cool story that seems relevant to it — the case of the Devil’s Footprints!

This is a mysterious event that occurred in Devon in February 1855 after a heavy snowfall — some mysterious creature (oh, who are we kidding: the devil) left hoofprints in the snow over something like a hundred miles of Devon countryside. There aren’t any good images of this, and some have suggested that … how can I put this? Sometimes, Victorian newspaper editors would just plain old make shit up.

For instance. 

Now, you can put down most of your 19th-century Fortean phenomena to this kind of malarkey, but the interesting thing about the devil’s footprints is that it happened again, this time in 2009. This time it was a little less impressive than the hundred-mile 19th-century version; the hoofprints appeared in, er, one lady’s back garden.

Unfortunately, the historical hoofprints were not quite so colossal as the ones that appeared in The Daemons. They were more, y’know, hoofprint sized. Still, it’s a sufficiently well-known piece of folklore that it might well have inspired the shot.



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