Season 2, Episode 3: Pyramids of Mars

Welcome back to Pledge Break, the show where two old friends talk about the Doctor Who version of history and the history of Doctor Who! This episode we are talking about the classic Tom Baker story Pyramids of Mars, and it’s a humdinger, with one of the greatest villains of the classic Who era in Gabriel Woolf’s Sutekh.

You can check out the episode on Libsyn here, or just download it directly here! Read on for more bonus content below the stylish noggin of Sutekh here.



Joining us this episode is Luke Slater, an old university friend of James’s who steps in to cover the Egypt-shaped hole in James’s historical and mythological knowledge. You can read his writing about television and film and stuff at My Life as a Doge, or dive into the world of B-movies at Bad Movie Marathon (although be warned, sometimes he also talks about good movies).

Speaking of the Egypt-shaped hole in someone’s knowledge, you can read James’s reports of his trip to the Rosicrucian Museum (mentioned in this episode) here, and check out some summaries of the Monstrous Antiquities conference here! Enjoy!

Finally, you may notice that James’s audio sounds a little better now. Not good, you understand, but better. That’s thanks to the help of good friend Jason Walter, who has brought our mic technology up from the stone age a bit.


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2 thoughts on “Season 2, Episode 3: Pyramids of Mars

  1. So, here’s a thing about those canopic jars. In addition to guarding the organs, the four sons of Horus were also associated with the cardinal directions, so they are actually a valid design for a set of field projectors placed at four points to create a defence field. Of course, Sutekh would hate them because they’re the Sons of Horus, but c’est la vie.


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