Season 3, Episode 2: The Tomb of the Cybermen

Welcome back to Pledge Break, the podcast where two old friends talk about the Doctor Who version of history and the history of Doctor Who! In this episode, we’re revisiting a classic story, the Patrick Troughton sci-fi horror tale The Tomb of the Cybermen. Plus, as a special bonus, we’re taking a look at the 1959 Hammer Films version of The MummyAND we start things off with exciting news about two new movies with Jesse in them. And all at one low, low price!


As always, you can go to our libsyn page here or just download the episode directly here. There’s a lot of visual material to go through for this episode, so stick around after the cut.

We talk about several pivotal scenes in the episode, and here they are, courtesy of the BBC’s YouTube account!

Here, the Cybermen break out of their tomb:

And awaken their controller:

And here is the Doctor’s famous conversation with Victoria:

Here’s George Pastell in Tomb of the Cybermen:

tve13465-19670902-98And here he is in The Mummy:


Other things we mention in this episode:



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