Season 3, Episode 3: The Time Monster

Welcome back to Pledge Break, the podcast where two old friends talk about the Doctor Who version of history and the history of Doctor Who! In this episode, we’re experimenting with time travel before heading to the Bronze Age to see the fall of Atlantis, in classic Jon Pertwee story The Time Monster.


UK listeners, don’t forget that you can see Jesse in Beyond the Gates at FrightFest on 27 August in London.

As always, you can go to our libsyn page here or just download the episode directly here.



2 thoughts on “Season 3, Episode 3: The Time Monster

  1. The adaptation of the Oresteia which aired in on the BBC in 1979 was a translation by Frederic Raphael and Kenneth MacLeish, under the title The Serpent Son. Clive James had a lot of fun reviewing it in the Observer, with particular reference to its goofy aesthetic sense.

    More about that here – I haven’t been able to find the original review except as part of this blog post, which makes for an interesting read in its own right;

    I saw a production of the Raphael translation back in 1980 at the Nimrod Theatre, and enjoyed it immensely – thankfully, the costumes were less distracting.


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